Take an autumn walk and lower your stress cortisol

October 14, 2022By mindworkout2021Mental training

Autumn is now here, with wonderfully vibrant colours and scents! We at Mindworkout love the walks in autumn. The nice feeling when you walk on soft pine mats and leaves and feel your body breathing in the high crisp air! Nature is always here for us, a place without boundaries and where time is only measured in the passage of the sun ... Read More

Mental training in the workplace

June 22, 2022By mindworkout2021Mental training

Modern working life offers great freedom but also increased responsibility for the individual. Many have the self-leadership required for teleworking, for example. But many employers see the need to strengthen self-leadership skills with mental training to build self-awareness and emotional control, which is the foundation of self-leadership, so more employers are choosing to invest more in ... Read More

Do you have a strong sense of self?

June 22, 2022By mindworkout2021Mental training

Most of us show compassion for the people around us. You may understand that your colleague is not performing at his best today because he couldn't sleep last night when the children were screaming. Likewise, you can support the friend who just lost their love and help them see that it's not their fault. But ... Read More

What is mental training?

april 5, 2022By mindworkout2021Mental training

You've probably heard the expression many times before, but still ask yourself, "what is mental training anyway?". In fact, you're not alone, it's a subject that's still unknown to many. Therefore, in this article we will explain what mental training means and also give you some tips on how to ... Read More