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This holiday season, we wanted to share some of our favorite mental training tools.

4 powerful tools for increasing mental strength

Our four mental training tools - Mindful Presence, Body Scanning, Gratitude and
Setting your Intention - are all useful for raising awareness, promoting wellbeing, and
and improve mental health. Here's a description of each tool and how to practice

1. Mindfulness: creating inner peace and self-awareness
To practice mindfulness, you can start by setting aside a few minutes each day to
observing your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations without judging them, by
focusing on your breathing, for example, or simply being aware of your thoughts and feelings
without getting stuck in them. Through regular practice, you can gradually expand your ability to be
consciously present in all aspects of your life.

2. Body scan: release tension and stress
A great way to train your mindful presence is by feeling how you feel in different parts of your body
different parts of your body, known as body scanning. Move your attention from one body
body part to another and observe bodily sensations. By being aware of
of these sensations, you can consciously choose to change and release tension, for example.
tension. Body scanning has the added advantage of affecting the body physically: when you
attention to the body, the body's peace and quiet system is automatically activated.
which helps to reduce stress.

3. Gratitude: Experience more happiness and satisfaction
Gratitude is about being aware of and appreciating the positive things in your life.
You can practice gratitude by regularly reflecting on and writing down things you are
grateful for in your life. These can be big or small things, such as relationships, health, nature, or experiences.
experiences. Research shows that gratitude for nature experiences is particularly powerful.
It promotes positive emotions such as joy, satisfaction and increased happiness. Training in
can help change your mindset and focus on what is good instead of what is missing or negative.
what is missing or negative. Gratitude can also serve as a shortcut from a negative
negative state to well-being.

4. Setting your intention: Clarifying focus and direction towards your goals
Setting your intention means consciously deciding what you want to achieve or focus on in your
your life. We help our brain by being clearer. By more clearly articulating your
intentions and desires, you can direct your energy and focus on achieving them. By
writing down the words makes it even clearer to the brain. It can help to increase
motivation and create a sense of purpose and direction.

The word intention is a humble concept that gives most people a positive sense of a direction with
room for learning. The word 'goal' may be more associated with achievement and
demotivating pressure for some people. Reflecton what you want to achieve in different areas of your life and formulate clear intentions.

By integrating these tools into your daily routine, you can achieve more of what you want, strengthen your mental health, and increase your long-term well-being.

To help with this daily routine, we have designed the Mindworkout session "A Mindful Coffee" which
contains all these tools! Contact Mindworkout if you want to get access to it.



"A mindful coffee" - Join our Summer Challenge!

It's easy to get out of good habits during the summer holidays. We think the opposite!

Want to take extra care of yourself this summer? Join our summer challenge! Train your brain with a 5-minute relaxing Mindworkout session in the morning. The session is called "A Mindful Coffee" and is great for a mental morning boost. Enjoy your coffee or tea with all your senses. Create a magical summer day with some favorite tools: Conscious Presence, Body Scanning, Gratitude and finish by setting your Intention for the day.

The session is recorded, so you train whenever you want.

Do you also want to train your brain with a Mindful Coffee? Feel free to contact us. If you already have a Mindworkout gym membership, you can find it in the Wondr app!

Discover the power of Self-Compassion

Many of us experience unnecessary self-criticism, stress, anxiety and high expectations of ourselves?
Then, the 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion course (MSC) be for you.

The MSC course is developed by psychology professor Kristin Neff, together with Christopher Germer, psychologist and psychotherapist.

Here you can you can read more about the course.


"The MSC has changed my whole approach to myself and the world. ..I have a much wiser and more comfortable way of dealing with stress and adversity."
Said by MSC participants


Why is Self-Compassion so relevant right now?

In modern times, there has been a lot of research* on self-compassion.
Self-compassion has proved to be particularly well suited to the challenges of modern society.
society. Our brains react with stress to the endless influx of perfect ideals that
our screens all day long. The brain is designed to cope with a smaller
herd of people. However, in modern life, the brain often needs to relate to as many
people in a day as the caveman did in a lifetime. And all these
people and ideals the brain automatically COMPARES ourselves against. We usually come up short
short in these comparisons and this creates psychological suffering and makes our stress response turn on too often (always?).

Self-compassion provides tools to manage stress, difficult emotions and resilience to face challenges.
challenges. Compassion also provides the power to develop and achieve more of what we want in our
life. Self-compassion helps us to live and work WITH our brains and bodies, instead of working AGAINST.

Most of us feel compassion for a good friend who is having a hard time. What would it be like
to receive the same kind attention when you need it most?

Interested in registering for the course now? Click here here 

(*) Neff, Long et al. 2018; Barnard & Curry 2011; MacBeth & Gumley 2012; Zessin Dickhauser & Garbade 2015; Anderson et al. 2021.


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We wish you a wonderful summer!

Caroline Spännar and the Mindworkout team