Our passion


Since 2015, we at Mindworkout have been working on our great passion - your mental health. Our amazing team has created services with evidence-based effective practices for healthy sustainably performing managers and employees.

Mindworkout was founded in 2015 by our current CEO Caroline Spännar and colleague Anna-Klara Larsson, together with a large group of specialists, as a result of many years of experience in Human Resources at national and international companies and a PhD in Behavioural Science at Lund University.

- We found that the pressures that many people experience in modern society reduce both well-being and productivity. At the same time, research clearly shows that mental training can help us strengthen our brain capacity, brain health and physically reshape our brains to cope with more. We wanted to create a new, simple way to help leaders and employees deal with challenges, pressures and feel good.

-Our model is inspired by the physical gym. As with the body, we can strengthen our mental fitness and prevent future negative effects. For many people, exercising their body is a matter of course and something of a highlight. Just as easy and obvious is to train your brain in our mental training sessions.

With us, we start with an introductory training in mental training. Using our app, you can then easily book group training sessions via zoom. You can also practice recorded sessions and join training programmes - at work, at home and in the company of yourself. With Mindworkout, you're constantly getting new knowledge and hands-on training from our amazing specialists and instructors, while being given the tools to develop on your own with the exercises that feel best for you.

Mindworkout's approach is based on research, joy and the belief that with the right knowledge and practical training, any business can achieve even greater results and well-being. We are proud to have clients, from many different industries, who give our concept top marks. We work with clients ranging from small businesses to some of Sweden's largest international employers with whom we have long-standing partnerships.