We found it so rewarding to meet in April and together with the great feedback you gave, we now want to meet again. We have also found a name for our meetings and it became Mindworkout breakfast.

Here we bring together HR, sustainability managers and leaders who think it is important to have both internal and external sustainability. Together with Karolin Lindeman from Länsförsäkringar, we would like to invite you to our next free breakfast meeting:

Welcome to a morning of good breakfast filled with inspiration on the theme of visualisation. We will talk about how we can use visualisation and how our imagination and the brain's strong visual centres can increase our ability to succeed in what we want. Of course, we also get to try out a Mindworkout session around visualisation. We want to share why visualization is a helpful skill for the individual, as a colleague and for leaders.

Friday 11 November 8:15 - 10
myoffice, Furubergsvägen 3, Särö

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Hope to see you there!