Cheers to all participants at Akademiska hus who have now finished the Mental Fitness program! 👏

Spring is a busy time and therefore we gave a group of employees the chance to learn new tools to focus better, stress less and take care of their mental health to be able to perform sustainably and long-term 🧠💪🏻♥️

For 3 months, 40 of our employees invested in their mental fitness with Mindworkout. In the program, the participants have trained a new mental tool every week. The program is now completed but the response has been very positive. Here are some quotes from the participants:

🗣 I think it has been great! I have received many good reflections such as being a little kinder to myself and stopping and breathing. I actually experience myself more focused and aware.

🗣 Mindfulness has made me stop and enjoy the present moment instead of the "hamster wheel spinning all the time".

🗣 I think it has been nice to start the day with a mindful coffee. Good start to the day and for me it has been good to link it to a routine I have every day.