We are no ordinary gym. We are an easily accessible gym with both live sessions (see schedule below) and pre-recorded sessions in our app. Your training facility can be your bed, your office, your workplace or out in nature.

Through our selected sessions, knowledgeable specialists and instructors, you get everything you need in mental training. We ensure that all content is of high quality to give you peace of mind.

Schedule - Live Sessions via Zoom

You can find and book your sessions below or via our app. If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with green and blue sessions (relaxation/meditation) and then try the red sessions (more active learning).
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Positive focus

Coaching methodology

Mental basic training

Effective stress management

Better sleep, more energy

Mind Management

Energizing recovery

Goal difference - purposeful

To set and reach goals

The good talk

Conscious breathing technique

Mindfulness - foundation

Mental fitness SOAS

Compassionate friend

Mindful eating - with a fruit

Stress management with permissions

Imagine success

Developing self-esteem

Letting go