Article published in GT's Hälsobilaga 27 January 2023:

Mindworkout is Sweden's first mental gym with sessions based on neuroscience. Here you can practice everything from focus, sleep and stress management to memory and mindfulness.

Mindworkout - A mental gym

The idea of Mindworkout originally comes from how we take care of our physical health. Just as we train our body with different forms of exercise to feel good, we also need to train our mental health in different ways. Mindworkout is a mental gym with a focus on feeling better. Caroline Spännar is CEO and trainer in mental training.
- At Mindworkout, we have put together the best specialist competencies to create mental workouts with mental tools. We offer different forms of training for the mental gym. It's about training yourself to be mentally strong and feel good in everyday life instead of waiting for the day when you don't feel good.

With the right knowledge and training, we teach how to deal with stress challenges and how to perform better. As an individual, you can sign up for a basic program with theoretical lectures and basic mental training. It is recorded or broadcast live via zoom. You get a program where you train 30 minutes per week. The program that runs over three months is recorded or broadcast live via Zoom. You also get access to a whole battery of recorded exercises that you can do when it suits you best.
Mindworkout also has many large employers as customers such as Lindex and Thule.
-"We help companies get employees with better mental fitness. There are many benefits to working with a group and incorporating mental training into the company structure. In this way, a brain-smart corporate culture is developed," says Caroline.

Positive feedback
When we do surveys, they show that the average well-being after our mental courses increases by 25%. Through Google surveys, customers give us a rating of over 5 out of 6, which of course is great.

Proven methods
Our approach is based on proven scientific methods. The effects include increased focus, reduced stress and improved well-being and cooperation. Few people know about the positive effects that mental training can have on managing stress and challenges in everyday life. We are passionate about changing that!