We are incredibly proud that Mindworkout is part of Länsförsäkringar's social initiative to combat the increase in mental illness among children.

🪧Right now there is a campaign on big screens around Gothenburg to draw attention to the fact that we will train 270 teachers in Mindfulness at schools in Gothenburg and Bohuslän.

The teachers will then train mindful presence and *resilience in the classes with a total of 5,400 students in grades 4-6. So cool and important! 👏🏻

We would like to pay tribute and thank Elin Borg, Katarina Laundy, Lisa Bragée, Karolin Lindeman and Helena Isaksson who, together with us, have made this great initiative a reality!

Want to read more about the initiative? See the link in the comments.

*Resilience broadly means increasing the ability to cope with mental challenges, adversity and change.