Mindworkout Educational videos at Swisslog



The educational program of 5 videos provides all leaders and employees in-depth knowledge of the brain, stress, performance. The purpose of these training modules is to strengthen a sustainable people culture, and to create really good conditions for all employees to be equipped to handle and thus enjoy an intense and changing everyday life, and at the same time reaching wellbeing and a sustainable performance. The videos will be released one by by one between 2022 October and 2023 April.

1.The brain, stress, wellbeing and performance

You will learn about what happens in the body and brain during stress and how to create a healthy stress curve. You will also learn how to use the status check by be aware of the intensity curve during the day. Exercise 1

2. Mental tools for mental fitness

Learn about mental training, why, how and the effects according to neuroscience. Tools for self-awareness, mindful break, self-leadership in everyday life. Create a goal plan for your mental training.

3. Working in a brainsmart way

You will get to know more about the conditions that offer our smarter parts of the brain to work at it’s best. You will learn how to work energy-smart and take advantage of the brain's capacity.

4. Self-compassion

You will get to know more about the brain and it's self-talk. How self-compassion makes us strong in adversity. Learn about dopamin, oxytocin and cortisol in our three different motivational systems.

5. Thoughts & mindset

The session mention how our interpretation of situations affects how we feel, how we act and what result we get. How can you use mental training to dare to take on challenges and to achieve your goals.

5. Mindworkout-passet En mindful kaffe 5 min

Guidat mentalt träningspass i meditativ form med coachande inslag för att påverka dina tankar och mindset.  Återhämtning & mental kondition.

5. Mindworkout-session A mindful coffee 5 min

Guided mental workout in a meditative format including coaching questions to impact your thoughts and mindset. Recovery & mental fitness.

Your brain will thank you!