Wellbeing Module - Onboarding at Element Logic

The brain, wellbeing and performance

You will learn about what happens in the body and brain during stress and how to create a healthy stress curve. You will also learn how to get smart recovery with the help of mental training.

Take a 10 minutes mental reboot and create new neurons 

Taking a brain smart break with a Mind workout, is an easy way to take good care of your most valuable asset, your fantastic brain! Mind workouts are guided mental training sessions developed by selected specialist. The sessions are based on meditation and relaxing technics, and also include inspiring facts for wellbeing and performance, all based on modern neuroscience. We are happy to offer free membership in Mindworkout Gym. Just follow the instructions below to access Mindworkout Gym.

With regards, Element Logic


1.Go to link.  Press "Choose". (No code is needed). Then scroll down and fill in all your details and press "Get membership"
2.Download the booking app Wondr  to your  iPhone  or  Android. Log in with your email address and the password you created above.
3. Enter Inspelade/Recorded workouts. Choose Swedish or English mind workouts. Our recommendation is to start with the lovely workout Letting go / Släppa taget.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. info@mindworkout.se www.mindworkout.se

Your brain will thank you!