Lindex and Mindworkout go globally together

Mindworkout kommer nu att finnas tillgängligt för alla som arbetar över hela världen på Lindex.

På den internationella kvinnodagen 8 mars 2019 talade Lindex om deras vision: To empower and inspire women everywhere - and how we can empower and inspire each other. Nu är det dags för deras nästa visionaktivitet!

"With Mindworkout we will focus on you as an individual and how you can empower yourself - from the inside and out. Mindworkout is an effective tool for finding personal sustainability and we are dedicated to offer an inspiring work place that enables both professional and personal development." Why not start the day together with a mindworkout?

"To exercise mentally is just as important to do as to exercise physically. Inspire each other to get started." - Employee, Lindex.

Victoria Ehrenström