FAQ Wondr

Below you will find frequently asked questions about our app Wondr.

Questions and answers

Can I sync my bookings with my calendar?

Absolutely! You only need to click Sync once, then it will sync continuously.

I have a problem with not hearing anything in the passport

Leave the passport, and when you re-enter the passport, it is important that you select "Wifi or Cellular" instead of "No audio".

Can I participate via computer and can I book via computer?

Yes, it's going well! Visit www.mindworkoutgym.se and then go to the Mental Gym. Here you can both book yourself and find the zoom link in your booked activity. Click on the title of the session, scroll down and you will find the livestream zoom link. If you haven't used Zoom before, log in a while before your first session starts to get started with Zoom.

I can't find the zoom link?

The link will be visible in the Wondr app just before the session starts: Check in your booked activity, scroll below for the description of the session and you will find "Start livestream". Note that the link looks greyed out, but is fully functional. The zoom link is also in the email sent out 10 minutes before the session starts. If you do not receive the email with the zoom link, you will probably find it in your spam/"other mail".

In the app in my booking it says "Not available.

The passport will be greyed out / "Not available." just before the passport because it is no longer possible to cancel the passport. But you are booked, and the zoom link can be found as usual when you scroll down in the booking. Just click on "Start live stream".

I already use the Wondr app on another gym, how do I do that?

You can only have two email addresses linked to the app. For members who have profiles at multiple training locations/facilities linked to the Wondr app, the same email address and password need to be entered on both profiles. If this applies to you, please let info@mindworkout.se know which private email address you already have linked to the app so that it is also linked to Mindworkout Gym. Then remember to select which facility you want to log in to when opening the app. If you are already logged in to the app, click on the menu in the top right corner and there is an option "Switch facility" where you can switch between facilities in the app.